The week before school started, August 26th, Firefox started having spontanious freezing issues rendering it unusable.
I pushed an update from the front motion msi repository, version 30 early summer or late in the school year. It was unlikley it was that install. More likley it was the Windows update that happened the same time the issue was reported.

Additionally I have learned that Firefox will act like it isn't installed. User said she tried uninstalling and re-installing it herself. When opened, Firefox would open the installer from msi, then after loading error out.


Tested on two computers, installing the Firefox 32-33 update from Frontmotion appears to resolve the issues. The Frontmotion msi needs to be checked to uninstall previous versions first. The uninstaller cleans files and folders that uninstalling through control panel or the C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefox\uninstall\helper.exe fail to remove.

Root problem

Currently guessing it was a complination of Windows update and incompadibility with firefox 30. Although OSX had been reported to have the freezing issue as well, not as bad or disruptive as Windows. Another theory is that there was a runaway script in Version 30 that was reported through internet research.