This site is ment for super geeky IT people at the Peninsula School District to blog and document their work. Geekzone was founded by the Data Integration Analyst Brandon Martin and is powered by the open source Ghost blogging platform.

This blog is geared more twards very specific technical intructions and documentation specific to the district's infrastructure. Another Blog will be setup and maintained for blogging for use by the district, for the outside world to learn from. Thinking it should be called

Welcome to PSD

Please take the time to read the awesome content of this site. It will aid your understanding of the fundimental craziness that underlies the Peninsula School District's IT infustructure and previous development and problems.

If you find yourself in the position of Integration Analyst, or any similar geeky title with responsibilities of development of the infrastructure, please continue this legacy for your successors.

About Ghost

Ghost is a node js powered web application that is written in Express and Ember JS. It was deployed using Dokku, see Using Dokku at the Peninsula School District

I have create a github repository for the theme I forked from the default theme casper. Feel free to modify it to your hearts content to keep it fresh, modern, and match the districts current look and feel.


Ghost saves the images to the content/imaages directory. When the app was pushed live, the contents of this folder was constantly overwritten. To resolve this, I added a persistant storage plugin to dokku.

Have fun, and happy blogging!