Why document

  • To take vacations
  • Printed documentation on gear
  • documentation helps as a teaching tool and memory aid


  • Might be required by law or policy of workplace
  • Check day to day work process, common tasks
  • If unavailible, can others get the job done
  • To cover unusual situations
  • Disaster recovery situations


Documentation is making sure you have everything you need. Without documentation you are lost in the woods blind. Everybody from end users to sysadmins need documentation.

3 types of users

  • End Users
    • Teachers, Students, Admin Staff
    • Using the product, whether they know it or not
  • Power Users
    • Tech staff, building Techs, helpdesk
    • Installing or configuring the product
  • Sysadmins
    • Engineering team
    • Creating the product, changing core configurations