I suck at Email

  • Email is text based communication that is sent off into the nether and it's whereabouts are certian only when you receive a reply.
  • One of the only legal forms of digital "paperwork" communication most of the time has the same rights as physical mail.
  • A way to avoid face to face communications
  • Reply All
  • Reasonable response time depends on situation
  • Respond to email after hours
  • Problem is not email.
  • Sucsessful communication is not one sided
  • How you use email tells what kind of person/writer you are. Faster response times, intelligent language gives an good impression
  • Email makes us feel important
  • Science has prooven email is addictive. Receiving email releases dopamine, writing email produces dopamine.
  • Check email in a block of time. Don't be a slave to email.

Tame email

  • Learn to tame the flow by triage. Perminantly eliminate email you don't plan to see. (Microsoft Clutter!)
  • Immediately delete emails you don't intend to read or reply to.
  • First in, first out. Last in, Last out.
  • Star/Flag messages that need attention later, jump to the flagged folder first until all are unflagged. Be careful not to make this a to-do list.
  • If you must make a to-do list, forward along.
  • Add pre-vacation message in signature.
  • Use your phone to handle messages, don't reply just organize.

Best practices for writting email

  • Reply quickly, letting email sit is the best way to get more email.
  • Conflict resolution should not be handled over email.
    • Always in person or sometimes over the phone
  • Careful when using Bcc. Only to be used when trying to communicate with a large group of people who don't know each other. Be careful when using Bcc secretly.
  • Create good subject lines.
    • Use brackets to ellaborate what the email is about.
    • Let readers know what to expect before they even open it.
    • [EOM] End Of Message
    • Fix bad subject lines in your reply
  • Be a journalist, not a novelist.
    • Be as brief as possible.
    • Don't burry critical information. If longer than 3 paragraphs edit again.
    • Being brief is not an excuse to be rude
    • Use bulletpoints
    • Don't make your reader guess

Sometimes it is best to just give a phone call. Don't reply to the email.

Use font sizes and paragraph options to make messages stand out.

Being funny with out of office emails will make people okay with ou not being there.

Managing Outflow

Need to understand what you should and shouldn't handle over email. Don't make people feel bad. If you get a bonehead email write a response but don't send it. Email is forever.

Avoid sending emails after hours. Try a scheduled task to send the email in the morning. Boomerang Or try to find something free.

Building Relationships IRL

Grab coffee with related workers that do not work in your office.

Look at the Jahari Window Model

  • Define 5-6 adjectives that define you
  • Reach out to several trusted colleges to define you
  • Try to do it anonymously via a Google form
    • Words you choose go in the hidden box
    • Words you and colleges chose go in open box
    • Words other people choose that you didn't go in the blind box

Analyze the results, use this to shape how tou act in the futue and how you project yourself.

Say "Thank You", take risks with this, as it usually means a lot to other people. Solidifies trust with others and makes relationships stronger. Be casual and consice.