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What is Munki

Open source tools to manage software on OS X. Being used worldwide. Runs on any platform with a webserver. Client tools will run on any intel mac.

Installs and removes any Apple packages, including system updates.

Desired State: Client Manifest describes what should or shouldn't be on a machine. Munki always keeps the machine in the desired state.

Catologs combine manifests that can contain special groups with different desired states. Try catalogs for: Development, Testing, Production.

Items can be installed silently in the background. Or users are notified when updates are availible. Self service allows users to choose what software they can install.

Munki Ecosystem

  • Munkiadmin - Munki GUI
  • MunkiWebAdmin - Web GUI for Munki
  • SAL - Reporting, pretty charts and graphs
  • MunkiReportPHP - Reporting with widgets
  • Simian - Fork of Munki, with web GUI
  • Aamporter - Adobe CS6 updater for Munki
  • Autopkg - Already testing - Automated application recepte generator and update scaner.
  • CreateOSXInstallPKG - Creates OSX install package from source
  • MunkiManifest
  • Munki-enroll - intigrates with AD
  • Munki in a box - Easy automated setup
  • The list goes on and on

Munki interface

First mimicked Apple Software Update.
Now minicks new Apple Mac App Store.
Using self service users can explore a Mac App Store experiance to install Munki packages. Use this to manage organization supported software, users have control and should already be familiar withthe interface.

This also aids with Discovery, catorigize software with icons and descriptions to explain what apps do.


Ability to brand the Munki App Store interface. Can add custom banners, catogories, sidebar, and footer text.

Possibly have Zach create some custom PSD branded banners with text. These banners can be clicked to go to a link. Recomended Software? PSD Blog? PSD Managed Software. PSD App Store!

Add links to the sidebar to open pages inside the store. Tutorials, instructions, workorders, IT help are good ideas to put here.

Customization is stored in zip archive, uses html/css to render App Store interface. Can even do a custom help menu.

Preinstall/postinstall message, can have a dialog box to either describe or give warnings about certain software.
( Flash: This software isn't nessisary in the future!, Adobe Reader: Hey, Preview is better..., Licensed software that needs to be purchased from helpdesk).

Ability to push configuration profiles. Apple's native configuration settings. Can manage profiles for MDM, wireless, disable certian options from the preferences interface. Certian features only availible via configuration profiles.

Comming Soon

Availible in Github work in progress.

On Demand Tasks

  • Run once scripts
  • Good for cleanup scripts
  • Good for short term configurations or tasks that could be ran multiple times