Pepijin Bruienne


Everything that makes up the application. Contents of the container are irrelevant as long as they fit. Can be moved between systems very easy. Far less wasited resources realitive to virtual machines for each application.


Always know what you are about to run, don't run a foreign container without looking at the DockerFile.

OS X Server

OS X Server is nice, but Linux makes a more reliable server OS. The only utility that cannot be replicated by linux is Apple's Caching Server. Several options to run Docker within OS X.

  • Kitematic
  • Binary Install
  • Boot2Docker
  • CoreOSX
  • xhyve - Run Linux as nativly as possible inside OSX without virtualization.
  • Panamax

Key Docker Tools

  • Docker Machine: Easy Setup a Docker host
  • Docker Compose: Describe Docker application with YAML
  • Docker Swarm: Create and manage clustered Docker application

Connect to OSX

  • BSDPy - OSS NetBoot server
  • AutoNBI - CLI NetBoot image creation
  • Munki - Manage OS X packages
  • Crypt - FV key escrow
  • Sal - Munki/Puppet reporting
  • Spirit - DeployStudio Server
  • Project IMAS - MDM server
    • Requires Apple Enterprise developer account ($300/y)