Profile Manager, ARD, and Yosemite Server

Barebone Apple management.

Out with the old, in with the new. Imaging is dead. Image creation process was repeated for every new Mac model. It was time consuming and on going.

New Deployment

  • Open the box
  • Enable Remote Desktop
  • Enroll in Profile Manager
  • Network Connection
  • Push packages and updates with Apple Remote Desktop

(Thinking this could be simplified with DEP?)

  • Update server
  • Profile manager
  • Caching server

To check the status of the Apple Update Server
sudo serveradmin fullstatus swupdate

Profile Manager being used as the MDM to manage Activation Lock, VPP apps, and inventory control.
Does the job for the price, offers a level of control over mobile and desktop Apple computers. Uses to push a myriad of configurations, even configuring the Dock.

Apple Remote Desktop

Allows the quick automation of modular packages. Easy to lock down, and hard to mess up. ARD already bundled with OS X. There isn't anything you can't do with Apple Remote Desktop.


Autopkgr is an app that makes it easy to install and configure Autopkg. Autopkg can generate packages to be pushed with ARD. More ideally to be used with Munki.
Autopkg interfaces with Munki to provide automatic software updates and manifest creation. This is used for post-deployment management.