No more running Powershell scripts for entering MAC addresses.

Ladies and gentlemen, the future as we all know it has finally arrived. No more searching for the right script; no more guess and checking a MAC address' existence!

Utilizing the power of Edge.js and LDAP, we are able to handle MAC addresses with ease!

Need to check a MAC address? Head on over to the MAC address web interface and simply type in the address. Using LDAP, the PowershellAPI tries to authenticate against Active Directory using the supplied MAC address as the username and password. This takes anywhere from 20ms - 200ms (Very rarely does it take that long, it usually averages around 100ms). Since this process is super quick, you won't even notice it sent a request! It'll just tell you if it exists as soon as you're done typing the address.

When you add a MAC address using the web interface, the node server hits the PowershellAPI telling it to run the New-MacAddress script with the specified address. About a half a year ago, the PowershellAPI used to use process.exec to handle script running which took 5 to 10 seconds to run. Now, with Edge.js, each MAC Address takes 1 to 2 seconds to run!

Now this project is far from done, I have more functionality planned. Pasting a list of addresses still has to be implemented, as well as a history of entered addresses (Now that the PowershellAPI is hooked up to a Mongo DB, we can see what addresses were entered/removed/checked using the MAC Address Interface).

Too long, didn't read?

The new MAC Address Interface is quick. You can now check a mac address' existence as fast as you can type it, and entering an address takes 500% less time. Click here to check it out! Or check it out below!