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Docker has grown exponentially and exploded in terms of global market share, it is the most rapidly adopted technology. 40-75% of Enterprises utilize docker in production. Docker was announced 3 years ago.

Client apps

Windows and MacOS now have native Docker apps for development/testing. The Beta opens today and this will be one of my Summer goals to get setup. All Docker images should be ran in development before testing on a live server. The client apps are all you need to setup Docker containers.

Docker 1.12

This Docker update is huge and will have a profound impact on PSD's Docker infrastructure.
Docker 1.12 includes orchestration built in.
Built in swarm with encryption and pki rotation every 30 seconds.
Built in service API via docker cli.
Routing mesh, DNS based, container native load balancing. Each node on the swarm is integrated into the mesh. Mesh works with existing load balancers!!!


Docker swarm init  
Docker swarm join mode-name  
Docker node ls  

New command, 'docker service', create update and deploy services. Swarm load balancing is container aware. Any host will respond with requested process.

Docker service scale name=6


Convert 4 Docker servers to a swarm cluster. Utilize the swarm to load balance websites and services. This will create incredible redundancy.