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Presented by Watson AI development

Watson now runs inside docker containers.

Cognitive Services

Each service on Watson runs in a contained Docker container using various images for different tasks. Including image, text, and data processing.

Docker makes Watson scalable and consistent across the world.

Has been using Docker in production since Mid 2015. Each customer receives their own Cognitive instance.

VM had many pain points
- Long deployment times - Slow start up times - Problematic with dynamic deployment

Docker provides solutions for all points, as well as the security needed to handle sensitive information. One click, and seconds later a docker container is ready.

Cognitive developers faced a small learning curve when adopting Docker, they need to know very little to transfer services to Docker.

Continuous Delivery

I attended this session to get a peak inside Watson. PSD will be investing in the area of AI in the upcoming years to better serve the public for information. The Watson APIs are free to use and will give us the flexibility to use AI now via the cloud. Watson could be used behind the scenes to ensure the public's requests are handled without additional cost to the district.