Hands up

Focus will be Docker for the enterprise.

Enterprise NCC-1701 (Kidding) Real Enterprise Docker is being used between 30-70% in Enterprise Production. Docker creates a seamless process in running legacy apps and cutting edge apps side by side.

The fallacy is you either have Microservices on the cloud, OR you have traditional apps hosted on pre is. This is incorrect, more often these are used hand in hand.

Docker-izing traditional software allows it to be portable, the container can be moved anywhere from the cloud to a physical data center.


Containers As A Service

Docker Datacenter

Docker is commercializing the Docker enigne using a cloud based interface. This is aimed for enterprise for maximum security, reliability, called Docker Datacenter.


The interface takes a .dab file from the new docker push/export capability. With a few clicks, the interface spins up the containers on Amazon/Azure/gCloud, and provides in depth interface for inspecting the containers. The interface has fine grained user permissions.

Enterprise includes a vulnerability scanner that observes containers/images for network/ssl.


Docker Store

Private beta today.
- Easy to search and Deploy - Trusted and compliant - http://store.docker.com


Azure CTO, using OSX.
Docker Datacenter directly integrated into Azure.
One click deployment from Azure, using Linux or Windows containers.

Visual Studio Code (OSX) supports live debugging on a running Docker container running virtually any code base. Demo ran C#.

Azure can be ran on certified servers, connecting to the Azure public cloud via a secure VPN connection and appearing seamlessly within the Azure interface.