Update hosts to Docker 1.12

  • Currently running 1.6,1.8 and 1.11 across 4 hosts
  • 1.12 includes new features
    • Swarm functionality
    • Expanded API, Dockerfile improvements, plugin support
    • Docker client for Mac/Windows
    • New filesystem support
    • Docker Compose built in

Reconfigure containers

  • New filesystem types, using ZFS or other will resolve devicemapper problems
  • New Volume plugins, use S3 or other methods to do persistant storage
  • Ensure ALL production containers use Docker Compose
  • Ensure ALL containers can be ran on Docker for Mac/Windows for development and testing

Possible implementations

  • Swarm clustering
    • Auto load balanced, mesh networked
    • If host is unreachable, other hosts take over load
    • 1.13 may introduce preferred hosts per container
      • Currently, load balancing happens automatically, containers are unable to be assigned to specific hosts
  • Docker for Windows
    • Windows Server 2016 is optimized for Docker